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To anyone who cares: I probably won’t make it to where I’m going in time to commentate on (never mind watch) the Liverpool and Milan matches.

Thinking about just going on total hiatus

Steven Gerrard has never swapped shirts for a United jersey with any Manchester United player in his career

LFC Fact of the Day (via multiplicationdesks)

This is the only thing I will reblog all day

I have to ask you again about your former side Liverpool, obviously back in the Champions League this year. Do you think they’ve got good chances going into the Champions League?

Dude. Stop. Come on. You can’t just say that

Quick notes on Liverpool after missing the last 2 matches and watching 500 different highlight reels
  • My suspicions of Javier Manquillo being Spanish Jesus have been confirmed by the last two matches
  • Moreno is fantastic, just wish he didn’t shut off after his brilliant assist againt Ludogorets
  • Here’s arguably my biggest note: Lallana is a fucking goat
  • Balotelli is class and a half, should have 100 goals for Liverpool by now, but I’ll take the one he did get
  • Stevie is always the last man back in every single goal that gets scored on us, holy fuck, he is a midfielder, not a sweeper
  • Sterling has been very good
  • Henderson being chosen over Skrtel for vice captain still blows my mind, but good for Hendo
  • Tra La La La La

PSA: In all likelihood, I will not be liveblogging the Liverpool Champions League match against Ludogorets, will be traveling to Rome (:


Anonymous asked: are you going to visit Germany, too? Maybe Munich? Anyway, I wish you a great time in Europe!

I plan on visiting Berlin in November and would also go to Hamburg as well. I may go with a friend to Oktoberfest next month, but I do plan on making a stop there!

Anonymous asked: how is ac Milan's midfield and are they good enough to get torres scoring?

Our midfield has been fantastic under Pippo, the main difference that I’ve seen is how hard they have been working to win the ball back and then the fire that has been lit under them to get forward immediately after. There’s a certain ‘fire’ in them with Pippo that I have been loving, you can see it with the passing, the runs on and off the ball, and most importantly the way the team celebrates with SuperPippo. That’s the best sign that there is that this is a hungry team that is working hard for one another and believes in the team’s vision. That being said, there is cohesion on all parts of the pitch, they can get Torres scoring without a doubt.

Anonymous asked: enjoying Milan?

Yes, very much so! I am leaving today to go to Rome but I will definitely be back (:

Also, this Bulgarian side has more than what is needed in an opponent to kick our ass. I’m not excited for the CL, I’m fucking terrified after Sunday. I believe in Liverpool, but that has to be the early season wake up call if there is going to be one

Jesus christ, Liverpool better win the Champions League while they’re in it because this year is gonna be the fight for 4th in England, not last year. Last year was the fight for the title and we fucking blew that shit hard.

I’ve been watching the game and I can’t believe the shit that happened. I’ll write more on it later, but I’ve never seen a team go from absolutely dominant to just blatantly disgraceful from one game to the next. There was no game plan, there was no creativity, once again there was no midfield in BR’s 4-2-3-1, not even close. Everything from the line up, to the first whistle, to the last, terrible. It’s not getting any easier from here, but the difficult thing is that we are certainly making it harder for ourselves by playing the players that we did, the way we did, in the formation that we did.