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LFC vs QPR recapped


Mignolet was there I think

John Glenson did something useful???????? also i’m not sure

Never let Jose Enrique set foot on a pitch again

Skrtel continued on his search for Agger

Lovren was not Agger

Dunne was - sorry wrong team sheet

Calker - wrong team sheet again

Emre Can ran around for 70 minutes

Hendo also ran around, but he actually made use of himself

Gerrard started searching for a retirement home

Balotelli channeled his inner Torres

Coutinho came on and worked his magic

Joe wasn’t that baaaaaahhhhhhd

Kolo made sure there was no need to be upset for all of 30 seconds

Well done, Zane. I need to remind you how it’s done on Wednesday

Tales From The Hiatus 1:

So I am currently in Budapest right now, working at a hostel and also working with me are two other Liverpool fans from the UK. We all finally got a day off at the same time and decided that we’d head over to this Scottish pub that plays all the LFC matches for Sunday afternoon’s match (no more fucking waking up early for football, thank Fowler!)

Before the match, my friend Aaron placed 25 pounds that there would be 5 goals in the match and I told him there was absolutely no way we would score 3 goals or more.

I walked right in as the match was starting, it seemed like clockwork, like it was meant to be that I was supposed to watch this match on this beautiful, glorious, crisp autumn day. My first full LFC match on a TV screen in ages… But my god, it is Liverpool against the worst team in the league, so that would be way too easy now wouldn’t it…

So I don’t need to tell you what happened for the first 90 minutes, all of you were there, or at least some of you, if you didn’t make it through the first 90 minutes I completely understand.

But then Coutinho happened, Hendo worked it to Gerrard in the middle (amazing what happens when you play through the middle of the pitch), Stevie takes a couple great touches and lays it off beautifully to Coutinho who takes it all the way on his own and the pub went up in fucking flames, just absolutely exploded

Still in the delirium of celebration, QPR immediately works their way to a set piece to which I mutter to Aaron, “I don’t like this one bit”

Moments later, the man with the Air Jordan tattoo on his fucking neck brings the pub back to life financially at least, shots and drinks all around. 2-2, fuck me. “I have to shit out every ounce of my fucking insides” Aaron says

And then the single greatest moment in the history of athletics happen when Glen Johnson of all fuckers comes barreling down the right wing, megs two defenders with a single cross into Balotelli’s direction and in the most incredible of fashions… Steven Caulker bangs home the game winner at Loftus Road! For the Reds! The second own goal of the match for QPR!

Immediately, I jump on top of the stool, tossing my LFC scarf in circle, screaming at the top of my lungs with my voice cracking and the windows shaking, “WE ARE LIVERPOOL, TRA LA LA LA LA!!!”

Penalty for Liverpool

Andrea Pirlo during the Italy Training Session at Coverciano on October 7, 2014 in Florence, Italy.

God is love and love is real

Going on hiatus, you all take care in the meantime

To anyone who cares: I probably won’t make it to where I’m going in time to commentate on (never mind watch) the Liverpool and Milan matches.

Thinking about just going on total hiatus

Steven Gerrard has never swapped shirts for a United jersey with any Manchester United player in his career

LFC Fact of the Day (via multiplicationdesks)

This is the only thing I will reblog all day

I have to ask you again about your former side Liverpool, obviously back in the Champions League this year. Do you think they’ve got good chances going into the Champions League?

Dude. Stop. Come on. You can’t just say that

Quick notes on Liverpool after missing the last 2 matches and watching 500 different highlight reels
  • My suspicions of Javier Manquillo being Spanish Jesus have been confirmed by the last two matches
  • Moreno is fantastic, just wish he didn’t shut off after his brilliant assist againt Ludogorets
  • Here’s arguably my biggest note: Lallana is a fucking goat
  • Balotelli is class and a half, should have 100 goals for Liverpool by now, but I’ll take the one he did get
  • Stevie is always the last man back in every single goal that gets scored on us, holy fuck, he is a midfielder, not a sweeper
  • Sterling has been very good
  • Henderson being chosen over Skrtel for vice captain still blows my mind, but good for Hendo
  • Tra La La La La

PSA: In all likelihood, I will not be liveblogging the Liverpool Champions League match against Ludogorets, will be traveling to Rome (: