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Orlando City’s official FB posted “Welcome Frank Lampard to Major League Soccer”

Some things you just can’t buy..

Fuck off NYCFC

Will suck dick for 2014/15 Milan home shirt

Only Rossoneri can make an all white suit look that good

He came up to me in training yesterday and pointed at the badge, saying: ‘Just look at that, lad!’

Adam Lallana about Rickie Lambert (via ourgoldensky)

Oh my fucking god… My heart..


What the fuck is a WAG?

Track: Gimmie The Noot
Artist: The Notorious B.I.G ft. Pingu
Album: Ready To Noot

Just wait for it

Anonymous asked: I'm not trying to cause any drama, but I live in liverpool, I know what it's like, the gangs, shootings, stabbings, a kid walking home from football dies, a lad a few days ago attacked by a gang and had part of his ear bitten off, gang members won't get a job because the job centre is in the other gangs "territory" yeah liverpool one is nice, the museums the grounds, the echo, I have said for years I will leave liverpool one day to move to Florida, you may not agree but I know what happens here

I know you’re not trying to start drama but I’m very adamant about this after wanting to leave this place my whole life and being one of the few people in my city to successfully do so. But I’m also saying that this part of the world is terrible for so many different reasons. It’s the same thing down here, only regardless of where you stand on the issue, we have no gun control. Not only that we have racist and terrible police solving the murders that happen on a daily basis in the place where I live, never mind the rest of Florida, Jacksonville (home to Duval County which apparently still has the title of the most racist in the US and my god that is saying something), Miami, Tampa, Orlando, etc. Even this week, there was a story online about how a city in Florida had longtime KKK members in their police force.

People don’t have their ears taken off here, they have their fucking necks slit and their asses shot.

And even with the high crime rate here, it’s nothing compared to the mid west (Chicago, Detroit, etc).

If you’re seriously going to compare the crime rate of Liverpool and the United Kingdom to that of Florida, that’s a motherfucking joke in itself, never mind the millions of other reasons why you would not want to live in this smoldering shithole.

If you want to waste your life and make nothing of yourself living in this shithole, be my guest. Just don’t be mad when Planet Earth realizes what a massive mistake Florida ever was and submerges it into the depths into the lifeless Atlantic where it rightfully fucking belongs

Anonymous asked: Do you live in NY or Florida? Cause you said you can't wait to go back?

I grew up in Florida, live in NYC, but am taking a year off starting in late August to backpack Europe. I might end up living there too, I have no clue