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Proper selfie


Milan’s 2014/2015 Serie A Calendar

I’ll be in Milan for sure 3 home matches, this makes me very happy

Derby Della Madonnina on my fucking birthday next year though!!!

But really though, shoutout to Liverpool for keeping a cleansheet, I never thought I would see that again in my lifetime

carlo-ancelotti asked: You are so important. A+++ human being.

You are too!

Anonymous asked: I love the very long replies you do to all of your asks, it shows that you actually take an interest in the questions instead of just a one word reply that has no feeling with it

I am still unbelievably tempted to just tell some people to fuck off, but especially with an issue like this, where the reality of the situation is being blacked out by every media front (especially in my country), then it is important to discuss what is really happening as much as possible. Thanks anon (:

Anonymous asked: After the UN school was bombed, it was proven that it was destroyed by misfired Hamas rockets. 20-30% of Hamas rockets fall in Gaza. Israel has accepted 3 ceasefires, all if which Hamas has ignored. 160 Palestinian children died building terror tunnels for Hamas, but the world ignored this. Calling Israel an "apartheid state" is false. Arabs and Jews in Israel share the same streets, and Arabs serve in the government as well. Israel has a right to live, just as Palestine does. #freegazafromhamas

No Hamas rockets, shells, casings, or anything were found in the UN School bombing. Only those of Israel. Even after the bombing, more were shot dead by Israel after Israel attacked the school. I guess Israel and the IDF thought it was better PR to attack a school instead of another hospital.

And part of me can’t blame Hamas for not accepting a ceasefire. Then what? Back to daily oppression, back to the daily denial of human rights and due process in their own land by Israel, back to a daily and terrorizing occupation of a land Israel has no business being in? Either way the genocide continues for Palestine, you can ceasefire for 24 hours, but that does not stop the fact that Israel have been instigators and perpetrators of genocide. State sponsored and supported war crimes that Israel will never answer up to.

While I have tried to be calm in my response, this is the part where I tell you to fuck right off. This is an apartheid state, this is the very definition of an apartheid state, I feel as though me trying to explain it would be useless because if you haven’t already comprehended the basics that I’ve tried to explain to you already, then it’s absolutely a lost cause trying to explain it to you another time (as others may or may not have done). They don’t share the same streets. And one tenth of the representation is Arab, 12 out of 120 if I’m not mistaken, what real say do they have in terms of the oppression by police force, by military force, by judicial ruling, by those who have a monopoly on violence and a 90% majority on legislature??? 1/10th of a racial representation in government doesn’t magically end oppression like many white Americans think about racism and oppression on all fronts of this country. Israel does have the right to live, but I believe they can do so without committing war crimes, crimes against humanity, apartheid, and genocide on a daily basis.



According to reports Remy has failed his medical. Some knee issue. Doesn’t mean the deal has fallen through, its just up to Liverpool to decide if they want to sign him or not


As the number of deaths in Gaza top 1000, The Times of Israel reports about an owl being hurt.